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Usha janome memory craft 9900 sewing machine details

Usha janome memory craft 9900 sewing machine details


An all-in-one sewing machine, the Memory Craft 9900 comes with 175 built in stitches and can be connected with an embroidery unit which has 200 embroidery patterns built in. Additionally, its free Digitizer Jr V5 software further allows editing of existing designs and creation of customised designs making it extremely versatile. It can embroider designs of up to 170 X 200 mm and has a maximum stitching zig zag width of 9 mm and a stitch length of 5 mm.

professional tailors need a flexible sewing machine with advanced features, good quality, efficient speed-which can work flexibly on all types of fabrics, different types of stitch patterns. However, many tailor professional sewing machines are available in India with affordable prices. They can select any type of sewing machine according to their desired brand or budget.

Let’s look into different types of sewing machines suitable for tailoring clothes and their general features.