Usha 8801e Sewing Machine Price

The stitches also come out looking evenly balanced, straight and overall perfect. The industrial sewing machines operate at high speed and you can finish anything you sew in so much lesser time than you would with a hobby sewing machine.

You can sew most thick materials with your home sewing machine but an industrialized sewing machine will sew them like a winner. You can sew things like upholstery, Shoes, Boots, Slippers, Bags, Dolls using thick materials like leather, pleather, Rubber, Plastic and Canvas using this machine.

If you are passionate about sewing, you may have a home sewing machine with some extra bells and whistles, other than the basic sewing stitches. You might even have a serger. 

But as you get more involved you realize the inadequacies of your simple sewing machine. You want to buy bigger, better. Or maybe you want to turn your hobby into a profession. Now it is another ballgame – you definitely need more. Maybe an industrial sewing machine and a computerized embroidery machine.