Tailoring Machine Price in Chennai

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This is like the mustang of sewing machines – very popular once but not anymore. In fact it was the only option once.

The wheel of this sewing machine is operated by hand – there is a handle which you turn to run the machine. The major impediment is that it takes forever to sew anything. If you are interested in anything vintage you may want to buy this one for the novelty of it (I cannot imagine any other reason for anyone else wanting this) you can still get it from some market places.

This sewing machine also works without current – but you will be operating it by using a base stand which you treadle to operate the wheel – the belt attached to the wheel is moved by the force you use to operate the base stand.

This works almost like any other sewing machine, other than the higher manual work required. In many countries, people have access to only this kind of sewing machines. In places where electricity is costly, or even unavailable this is a boon because you can still make things.