Mechanical sewing machines

This is the first sewing machine I owned and still do – This is a simple hobby sewing machine with simple knobs which I turn this way and that way when I want to adjust the stitch length, stitch width, sewing machine tension, and want to make simple decorative stitches (when I use them once in a blue moon).

These mechanical actions make it a mechanical sewing machine. Not the best of the sewing machines, they are a very affordable option for first time hobby sewists. They work on a single electric motor that turns gears and belts of the machine

I was earlier under the impression that I owned an electronic sewing machine instead of a mechanical one because it operated with electricity. Not so, says my friendly neighborhood repairman. Mine is an electric sewing machine with mechanical operations.

Unlike the hand-operated sewing machine your hands are free but because you are using your own energy on the machine you can get exhausted, and stop sewing altogether before long unless you are highly motivated

Alternatively, these can be fitted with electric motors externally so that when current is available you can sew faster, easier.×500/