Singer straight stitch sewing machine model details

This sewing machine is a simple sewing machine with single inbuilt straight stitch. This is a mechanical/ domestic hand operated sewing machine with a low budget; these machines can be attached to an electric pedal footer to reduce manual effort. This machine is a low speed machine when compared with electric sewing machines, about 100 stitches per minute. This machine is a good option for beginners and irregular sewers, people who need just sewing feature can go for this model sewing machine. This model machine is a heavy weight machine made of metallic body. Easy to maintain and repair.

Singer sewing machines are most popular sewing machines in India. These machines are available in different models for different level of sewing. Singer treadle machine and hand held sewing machines are the most elderly sewing machine. Later on many different models of singer sewing machines were introduced in India. Distinct models of sewing machines for different levels of skill were introduced like mechanical sewing machines suitable for beginners and electronic, embroidery and computerized sewing machines for tailors, professionals and textile industries.