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Sewing Machine using MPPT

MAXIMUM POWER POINT TRACKING The maximum power point tracking concept is generally use for extracting highest power point available from PV module. MPPT method is utilized to enhance the productivity of the solar panels. MPPT techniques are of different types which includes Fuzzy Logic Method, Perturb and observe (P&O), Incremental conductance method, Constant voltage Method. Among the above techniques, P&O algorithm is the most simplest one hence this technique is used for controlling the step-up converters duty(D), D is calculated and converted to digital pulses using repeating sequence, sum and compare to zero block[1]. In this technique power yield of system is checked by changing the input solar voltage. The nth sample indicates the present value and (n-1)th indicates previous value. If the voltage value increments on increment in power value then the duty cycle value should be decreased otherwise duty should increase. Another condition is if the voltage value increments on decrement in power value then the duty cycle should increase otherwise duty should decrease.VS sewing machines

This work focuses on photovoltaic array fed sewing machine. Main focus is on utilizing non conventional energy resources i.e. solar energy because now-a-days the entire world is facing crises of energy. System consists of an arrangement of several components, including solar panels to absorb and convert sunlight to electricity. In this research work a photovoltaic array is used to run a motor i.e. dc motor that drives the sewing machine. Dc motor will be fed by charge controller and the duty cycle of charge controller is controlled by using MPPT (P&O) algorithm. The simulink model of the research work is done using MATLAB software.

 Sewing Machine using MPPT

MPPT based and separately excited DC motor model. The parameters of DC motor are, Resistance value for Armature, Rarm = 0.78 Inductance value for Armature, Larm = 0.016H Field Resistance, Rf = 150 Field Inductance, Lf = 112.5H Mutual Inductance, Laf = 1.234H Initial current = 1A Initial speed = 1rad/s Total Inertia, J = 0.05kgm2 Back EMF, Ef = 230V Load torque, TL = 4Nm The yield voltage of step-up converter is the input to the armature of SEDC motor for sewing machine. This system is effective to run sewing machine motor through solar energy and to control the speed of it. Figure 14 shows the scope results of Speed (rad/sec), Armature Current (A) and Electrical torque (N-m) vs. time (s) plots with MPPT.

The novel proposed solar powered DC motor of sewing machine has many applications in tailoring, small scale industry as well as large scale industry. This paper establishes MATLAB/SIMULINK based simulation model of MPPT based charge controller for solar panel to fed the DC motor of sewing machine. The DC motors speed control and running as indicated by application is done by yield voltage of solar. It is demonstrated that the solar system output power increments with rise in irradiance value and declines with increase in temperature of solar panel. The maximum power from solar cell is pulled out successfully by perturb and observe methodology. Perturb and observe method gives optimum duty cycle so that maximum solar yield can be drawn. At last scope results for speed, torque and armature current is shown. The future scope for the project is that the similar outline will be executed in the Hardware. https://www.vssewingmachine.in/