Merritt Sewing Machine Models In Chennai


Stitch variety

Stitch options are the top feature many sewers look for in a machine. Though you’ll frequently use basic stitches (straight and zigzags, for example), you may want to use decorative stitches for creative projects. The more stitch choices, the more expensive your machine will be. If you’re new to sewing, a machine that offers a couple of dozen to well under 100 stitch options will suit you just fine. Advanced sewers may prefer machines with more than 100 stitching options. click here

Automatic amenities

When you first start sewing, you might prefer three automatic options on your machine. You’ll knock your head against a wall when trying to adjust the tension of your thread, create buttonholes, and thread the needle. A machine with automatic tension adjustment, a buttonhole maker, and a needle threader will help immensely and save you many headaches on your learning curve.

Brother makes a few combination machines with extra features that allow them to handle two functions. You’ll find combo machines that either sew and embroider or quilt and embroider. A combo machine has more stitching options for these types of projects than a basic sewing machine.

Dust and lint are two of the worst enemies of a sewing machine. Keep your machine covered when it’s not in use. After every use, wipe it down and clean out lint around the holes, bobbin, and needle areas. A can of compressed air is helpful to remove stubborn lint. Follow your machine’s instructions to see if and when you should oil your sewing machine. If you do need to oil it, only use sewing machine oil, because it’s clear and won’t stain fabric.