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Launch of Intelligent Manufacturing Systems to Aid Market Growth

The industrial sewing machines market growth is set to get stimulated by the increasing adoption of intelligent technologies in the manufacturing of sewing machines. For instance, China-based Jack Sewing Machine Co. Ltd. announced an investment of 100 million yuan in October 2019 to build and launch the textile industry’s first-of-its-kind fully-automated casing production line. Powered by smart technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data, Jack’s new system aims enhancing efficiency and improving accuracy in production. Integration of modern technologies with traditional occupations in such a manner is, therefore, paving the way for exciting innovation opportunities for sewing machines market players.

Asia-Pacific, with a market size of 2.95 billion in 2018, is slated to dominate the industrial sewing machines market share during the forecast period. Countries in this region are rich in natural resources which has enabled them to cultivate and produce some of the finest textiles in the world. Taking advantage of this factor, governments are aggressively investing into and promoting their textile industries. For example, the Government of India cut the tax on embroidery, knitting, cutting, and weaving to 5% from the earlier 18% in 2019. Thus, the demand for sewing machines is spiking and boosting the market in the region, the industrial sewing machines market analysis says.

 Launch of Intelligent Manufacturing Systems to Aid Market Growth

In North America, there is a growing preference for in-house textile manufacturing which is auguring well for the market in the region, while presence of a robust textile industry is propelling the market in Europe

Core competitors in this market are intensely focused on bringing about decisive internal organizational reforms to elevate their performance, according to the industrial sewing machines market report. Better sales through such reforms will empower companies to deepen their hold on the market and undertake new ventures.