Juki Sewing Machine Showroom In Chennai

Computerized sewing machine

A computerized sewing machine is an electronic sewing machine with an additional ability to do embroidery work and to set up programs ( made with your preferred settings of operations). They will have options to combine a lot of embroidery stitches to do embroidery work anyway we want.

Computerized sewing machines can make as many as 7 different types of buttonholes made in one step, a lot of decorative stitches that you will never use in your entire life, automatic needle threading, LCD display screen on the front with easy-to-use stitch selector usually in the form of convenient switches, speed control etc. Understandably it is a lot more expensive than any other models.  VS Sewing Machines

Today, there are many sewing machine enterprises in China, but their design styles are generally imitating Japanese sewing machine, especially the products manufactured in Juki corporation and Brother corporation in Japan. Though sewing machines through independent innovation have been developed in China, their market share and consumers’ recognition are still very low. After interviewing different sewing machine enterprises, researchers found out that the major reasons were because these two Japanese sewing machine corporations have greater marketing popularity with much mature design. For the sake of profit, some enterprises had no alternative to imitate other style, therefore these enterprises were in a dilemma.

The unification of product functions and model design in sewing machine business leads to the price war among the different enterprises, which greatly reduces business profit. To avoid imitation and open up new profit, nowadays enterprises are eager to independently develop and establish their own product identity system, so they can turn price competition to brand competition and reap the permanent benefit in the market competition mainly characterized by intellectual property.

Industrial sewing machine materials and technology are comparatively steady, so it is quite possibly limited to construct product identity. This research toke Xi’an Typical Industry Co., Ltd as an object of study and discussed how to introduce PI into sewing machine industry.