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The sewing performance research of industrial high-speed sewing machine

The sewing performance of high-speed sewing machine determines the performance and quality of the sewing machine, and the sewing performance also is the core technology of sewing machine. In this paper, the Virtual Prototyping of the ZJ9700MF-RS sewing machine has been established and the simulation, analysis and redesign method has been brought up to check the sewing performance. So the sewing performance of the ZJ9700MF-RS has been greatly improved.

A fuzzy model reference adaptive controller for regulating the fabric’s tensional forces applied by a robot during the sewing task is developed. The adaptive fuzzy logic controller closes the loop outside the internal scara robot controller.VS Enterprises

The robot guides a piece of fabric in a conventional industrial sewing machine while its controller maintains a desired constant tensional force applied to the fabric during the sewing process. In each loop, the proposed controller calculates theappropriate robot end-effector displacement. A force sensor mounted on the wrist of the robot manipulator measures theactual force applied to the fabric, and the formulated force error is used in order to adapt the controllers’ parameters. The performance of the controller is investigated experimentally and the results show the effectiveness of the FMRL approachand its wide range of applications .

The robotic handling of non-rigid objects, such as fabrics, is a very complicated problem since it is very difficult to model and predict the behavior of the fabric. The non-linearity, the large deformations and the very low bending resistance of the fabrics increase the complexity and difficulty of the robotic handling. In this paper, the robotized sewing is examined, where the fabric must be held taut and unwrinkled. Actually, a constant tensional force, which must be applied to the fabric throughout the feeding to the sewing machine .