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Method for Sewing Machine Starting Based on BLDCM

According to the characteristics of the sewing machine, a new starting method was presented on the basis of the analysis on the characteristics of application of brush less DC motor, which is the three-step starting technique during the sewing machine starting. The experimental results indicate that this method significantly enhances the speed of starting and improves the reliability of the equipment, as well as more adaptive performance and better in dynamic response.

The design proposed in the paper has two major sub parts. The first part involves controlling the station light by knowing the presence of workers on the machine which shown their working status and performance. The second part involves sending data towards manager room and then extracting the data into the excel format. For achieving this target, various different sensing mechanisms have been tried, but most of them are not working efficiently and properly, which include Passive infrared (PIR) sensor, R.F. sensor, ultrasonic sensor etc. [9, 10]. When other conventional sensors were failed to deliver the results then current sensing mechanism is designed which works on the sewing machine’s working status through using flux of the machine. Singer Sewing Machine Price

On the other hand, monitoring and sending data towards the manager room is the real challenge because there were four hundred machines need to synchronize in addition the data need to send wirelessly. For synchronizing the machine there is thirty-one masters is made, each master connected to thirty slaves and each master link to single master, which communicate all the data towards the manager. Although the data can be transmitted through various ways such as ZigBee device, wireless super regeneration transmission module, etc., but super regenerative wireless transmission module is opted for transmission of data.

Brushless direct current motor (BLDCM) to have the volume to be small, the movement is reliable, the control precision is high as well as maintenance convenience merits and so on, simultaneously also have characteristics that is the efficiency to be high and the velocity is easy to be adapt[1]. In recent years, along with the modern electronic technology’s fast development, this kind of motor already widely applied in the industrial field. The brushless direct current motor more and more to be used in the sewing machine manufacturing industry. At present, the Brushless direct current motor’s control mode to have many kinds, the classics PID control, afterward presented the auto-adapted fuzzy PID control, as well as other advanced control method [4]. Regarding the sewing machine, the starting time can be changed during the motor startup, based on this adjust, simultaneously it requested that the motor have no the over modulation basically and fast stable. The present control method is not very ideal.