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Active Disturbance Rejection Control for PMSM Servo System Applied in Industrial Sewing Machines

Permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) servo drive system has been widely used for industrial sewing machines. The conventional control method is PID, which has some disadvantages such as large overshoot, bad robustness. In this paper, a servo control of the industrial sewing machine system based on the active disturbance rejection control (ADRC) is proposed, which can arrange the transient process, estimate and compensate the uncertain internal and external disturbance. It can highly enhance the dynamic performances of the system. Based on the Matlab/simulink software, the simulation results of the industrial sewing machine control system proved the effectiveness and robustness of the ADRC control strategy. Sewing Machine Dealers

With the rapid development of the world textile industry, the research on industrial sewing machines have been focused on higher precision, more energy-saving, lower cost, higher speed, multiple-function, more intelligence. In order to achieve all these performance indexes, the main problem is to develop an effective servo system. And the PMSM based servo systems have attracted more and more researchers, for which has several inherent advantages compared with other types electric machinery, such as high power density, high power factor, high torque to current ratio, high efficiency, low inertia, rugged construction, easy for maintenance and so on.

The PID control is one of the early developed control strategies. Due to its simple algorithm, good robustness and reliability, it has been widely used to design position, speed and electric current loop controller in industrial sewing machine servo system. And classic PID control based, such as increment PI control, fuzzy PID control, Neural PID control ,multi-segment PI control are also adopted[3,4]. However, the classical control strategies have some disadvantages, such as, large overshoot, long adjustment time and so on. It is difficult for the PMSM servo system to realize high precision control.

The ADRC can not only arrange the transient process, but also estimate and compensate the total disturbances on the system, which can highly improved the performance of the PMSM servo system. In this paper, ADRC is used as a speed loop regulator in the industrial sewing machine servo control system. Simulation results indicated that, compared with conventional PID control servo system, the proposed control method has better dynamic performance, and stronger robustness to the system disturbance.