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Monitoring System for Sewing Machine

Most of the sewing machines of garment section are arranged in columns and all station lights are kept ON continuously even when just one worker is working. Moreover, garment sectors are unable to monitor the efficiency of their machines and workers. Garment sections need an energy efficient control and monitoring system for their workers. Cost is an actual factor for them. To achieve this goal, different sensing mechanism has been tried but all of them have their intermittencies. Then current sensing mechanism is designed, this method is based on flux control method. Flux of the Sewing machines sensed for the operating and controlling of the station light and optional fan. Whenever the worker starts machine, lightand optional fan will turn ON and it will ON until the worker not work in the desirable specified time. This time delay and machine controlling is done through 8051 microcontroller. The complete system module makes master slave mechanism. Data transfer to computer is accomplished through microcontroller, serial communication and R.F transmitter. The receiver will receive data which are transmitted to computer using serial communication (MAX232). The data receiving protocol will be running there. This data is saved in an excel document which contains the complete record of the working time of the machines. he textile industry is one of the major and largest manufacturing industries in Pakistan. Pakistan is the 8th largest exporter of textile commodities in Asia. This sector contributes 8.5% to the GDP [1]. In addition, the sector employs about 45% of the total labor force in the country, which includes the 38% of the manufacturing workers [2]. Moreover, Pakistan is the 4th largest producer of cotton with the third largest spinning capacity in Asia after China and India and contributes 5% to the global spinning capacity [3]. At present, there are 1,221 ginning units, 442 spinning units as well as 124 large spinning units and 425 small units which produce textile [4]. Master textile is one of the foremost and leading textile manufacturers, based in Lahore, Pakistan that is engaged in the export of quality products such as yarns, garments and fibers. They established a name of credentials owing to the project commitments, working speed, quality practices and the overall approach of the companSolemnly aim of this paper is to present the model design for sewing machine which ultimately helps in energy saving by turning off the redundant tube lights. As per our subject industry, master textile, there are four hundred sewing machines present there and hundreds of stations control through single breaker. Controlling the station light can save tremendous amount of energy because most of the stations used are in idle condition and station lights are turned ON with no reason.

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Monitoring System for Sewing Machine

Authors like to thank the competitive authority of Master Textile Industries Pvt. Limited for its corporation as it allows the working and building the system for the sewing machines. Special thanks to Head of Sewing Machine Department and Senior Faculty Members of the Electrical Engineering Department who guide throughout this process. https://www.vssewingmachine.in/