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Modelling and Simulation of Sewing Machine using MPPT

This work focuses on photovoltaic array fed sewing machine. Main focus is on utilizing non conventional energy resources i.e. solar energy because now-a-days the entire world is facing crises of energy. System consists of an arrangement of several components, including solar panels to absorb and convert sunlight to electricity. In this research work a photovoltaic array is used to run a motor i.e. dc motor that drives the sewing machine. Dc motor will be fed by charge controller and the duty cycle of charge controller is controlled by using MPPT (P&O) algorithm. VS Sewing Machine The simulink model of the research work is done using MATLAB software.

Solar panel is the input energy and the output terminals of it are fed to the controller circuit. A storage device i.e. battery is used to store the charges of solar panel and the two output terminals of battery are connected to the charge controller to get good efficient solar operation. The pedal controller is connected to the charge controller. Pedal controller monitors the speed of the motor. Hence we can say solar panel, battery and pedal controller are simultaneously connected to the MPPT controller unit. Motor of sewing machine is connected to the pedal controller. In this way the solar panel is use to run sewing machine.


The charge controller for solar deals with the power moving towards the battery from the PV cell. It sure that there should not be any deep discharge of battery, and also not overcharged during the sunny days, it also uses a diode across the PV panel so that there should not be any reverse flow of current. Among the three main types of charge controller, in this project work MPPT based controller have been implemented. This controller helps in extending the efficiency of the power delivered to the load via battery, in a general sense it includes DC-DC converters, the property of converter is to change over settled dc voltage to variable dc as per the load requirement, gate pulses of the chopper are controlled by using MPPT algorithm block.


Among the different sorts of converter units, boost or stepup chopper is thought about for this project. The yield voltage of step-up converter is higher than its inserted voltage. Its working is like that of reverse step-down converter.

The novel proposed solar powered DC motor of sewing machine has many applications in tailoring, small scale industry as well as large scale industry. This paper establishes MATLAB/SIMULINK based simulation model of MPPT based charge controller for solar panel to fed the DC motor of sewing machine. The DC motors speed control and running as indicated by application is done by yield voltage of solar. It is demonstrated that the solar system output power increments with rise in irradiance value and declines with increase in temperature of solar panel. The maximum power from solar cell is pulled out successfully by perturb and observe methodology. Perturb and observe method gives optimum duty cycle so that maximum solar yield can be drawn. At last scope results for speed, torque and armature current is shown. The future scope for the project is that the similar outline will be executed in the Hardware.